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Welcome to Gre'-Tan Rifles LLC. We provide rifle services like building custom rifles as well as parts like firing pins and other accessories and replacement parts. Check out our products section to see what we offer. Visit our services section to see what kind of work we can do on your rifle.

GTR Tooling has been merged with Gre'-Tan Rifles LLC. If you are a gunsmith or just like to do your own work, check out the tooling we sell to help you get the job done right. They can be found under the products section.



The production of an accurate rifle requires the precise machining of its steel components. Consistently achieving the required precision is accomplished only through the application of the strictest of disciplines, allied with an unwavering attention to detail. The manufacturing process of a mass-market firearm is designed to provide a product whose price performance ratio is acceptable to the majority of enthusiasts. However, for those truly devoted to the sport of hunting, involved in competitive shooting, or seeking the personal satisfaction of owning a fine rifle, this is obviously not good enough. A higher standard is demanded. Gre'-Tan Rifles deliver that standard, consistently.

At Gre'-Tan Rifles LLC, my number one priority is to make my customers happy. I am not a Jack of all trades. As such, I do not work on shotguns, revolvers or semi-automatic weapons, nor do I provide carving or engraving services. Rather, I focus on what I love, precision rebarreling and accurizing of bolt rifles and pistols, crafting stress free bedding systems for barreled actions, and the design and manufacture of quality tooling for fellow gunsmiths and enthusiasts. I hope the website is found to be interesting and informative.

If we can solve an accuracy problem for you, whether by building a custom rifle for any shooting discipline or accurizing an existing rifle, please contact us. Questions and comments are always welcome.